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MAPS3 Transit Proposal and why we need to do it now

NOV 17 - OKC Museum of Art Museum (Noble Theatre), 7pm,

The Modern Transit Project is pleased to invite the Public to attend this forum.  A short video and powerpoint presentation will provide visual information on the MAPS 3 Transit Proposal.  Twelve panelists have been assembled to answer your questions and discuss the future of the world class transit system proposed in the MAPS 3 Ballot Initiative.
Please feel free to invite others.  No RSVP is required.

Marion Hutchison (Transit Hub)
Lauren White (Bus System)
Josiah Daniel (Federal Funding)
Rick Cain (COTPA & Metro Transit)
Turner Mann (Midwest City Connection)
Austin Hacker (Wind Power)
Bob Kemper (Commuter Rail and Amtrak)
Steve Nash (Commuter Rail and Amtrak)
Walter Jacques (Bus System)
James Ellison (Transit Oriented Development)
Robbie Kienzle (Urban Planning)
Debbie Blackburn (Historic Neighborhoods)
Jeff Bezdek (Modern Streetcar)

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MTP Presentation and Fundraiser with Mayor Cornett

We cordially invite you to attend the first MTP event and fundraiser at the Skirvin Hotel, Thursday, September 17th. Event is free to attend but contributions are appreciated. The doors open at 5:00 PM with a Visual and Audio Presentation at 6:00 PM

  • Music, Food, and Cash Bar will be Provided
  • Dress is elegant to business casual

RSVP is encouraged – Please RSVP here

MTP Presents before City Council 7/21/09

The MTP Committee makes its first report before City Council Members.

Watch the video

Ride the Wind

Belle Power Plant and Windmill Electricity

The first goal of the MTP is to reinstate an electric streetcar system in the Downtown/Central City area. The original streetcar system was once powered by the Belle Isle Power Station through the burning of coal. The MTP proposes the use of Oklahoma's own prairie wind to power the sleek new version.


Breathe - Woman with Sky

The 2nd goal is to improve our existing bus system city-wide through the use of new technology. Buses will arrive on time with greater frequency and arrive at their destinations faster through the use of new WIFI enabled traffic light signal controls.

Act On the Blueprint

BinderThe third goal is to implement the system-wide improvements as outlined in the recent findings of the Fixed Guideway Study commissioned by city authorities. The FGS is the first comprehensive study and guide to develop final plans for a metro-wide improved system. Implementing the streetcar and bus fuel conversion with local funds would provide an unprecedented down payment on procuring federal dollars for further major transit improvements.